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Personnel outsourcing – what should one know?

Currently, people hear more and more about outsourcing. We have to deal with it in case of entrusting the implementation of some tasks, and functions to an outside company. The increasingly great interest is attracted by the employee outsourcing.

The company, which will entrust the supervision over the personnel issues of the employment agency, instead of focusing on building its own HR department from scratch or on training of future recruiters, can take care of the acquisition of clients, expansion of the range of offered services or simply the management of its own matters. The employee outsourcing itself, also known as the leasing of employees or outside employment, involves the leasing of employees by the company.

Advantages of the outside employment

There is no doubt that the company that uses services of a company, which deals with the personnel outsourcing, can expect the reduction of costs. It does not have to employ the personnel specialising in HR. Furthermore, the employment agency has a database of candidates for given positions, and it can deal with a few recruitment procedures at the same time. In addition, thanks to the support of the employment agency, the company that needs new employees can save a lot of time. In fact, instead of dealing with the search for candidates to work in the determined capacity, it will have the possibility to focus exclusively on the area of its business and reliable implementation of planned activities, and being sure that the experts of the outside company will comprehensively, professionally, and expertly cope with the recruitment procedure. In addition, outsourcing is a guarantee of:

  • professional and efficient recruitment procedure taking into account the trends, which currently prevail in the labour market (of course, assuming that the services of a proven, valued employment agency are used),
  • establishment of contacts with the best specialists – experienced employment agencies have the possibility to find the best candidates in a short time,
  • employment continuity.

The company, which specialises in employee outsourcing, mainly deals with the recruitment procedure and the conclusion of agreements with employees. The range of activities of the employment agency also involves the direction of employees to periodic examinations, settlement of labour disputes, supervision over replacements, and control of the holiday schedule. The outside company organises trainings, as well as it is responsible for employee motivation systems, and pays overtime. Employment agencies often offer professional activities related to mentoring and coaching. It should be noted that the scope of activities, in which the outsourcing company relieves its clients of many tasks, is very wide. The leasing of employees is an option, which meets the expectations of entrepreneurs, who do not want to waste their time on formalities related to the management of human resources in the company.

Personnel outsourcing – what should be taken into account?

It should be emphasised that the leasing of employees particularly works well in case of big, rapidly developing companies, in which the turnover of employees is very intense. There is no doubt that the company that chooses the employee outsourcing services cannot count on direct, personal contact with candidates for specific positions. However, the employer who cares about this personal contact can opt for an intermediate option. Then, the employment agency is engaged in preliminary recruitment activities, and the selection, verification of candidates, conducting of meetings constitute the responsibility of a person searching for employees.

It should be noted that prior to the conclusion of the agreement with the outside company, it is important to make sure that the company is reliable. By using the services of the company, which specialises in personal outsourcing, we entrust it a lot of confidential information and data on our company and its employees. If you are still looking for a reliable and credible partner, you are in a perfect place. Contact us and make an appointment, during which we will discuss your needs and a joint action plan.

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