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What advantages are particularly desired by an employer and result in higher salaries?

The 21st century changed the face of the labour market, the rules governing recruitment, as well as the situation of employees. The studies have shown that an average American changes industry 1.75 times in life. This trend will continue to increase in developed and developing countries.

The labour market will not resemble the current one in 10 years. Since the progress is in steps, we cannot forecasts its consequences. However, we can specify several advantages, which are and will be especially desired by employers and usually translate into higher salaries.

The first important employee’s advantage is strong ability to adapt. It is widely accepted that is the domain of young and educated people (paradoxically, the better we are educated, the more time we invest in self-development) but we have to reckon with the fact that everyone needs the abilities to adapt nowadays. Therefore, it is worth keeping up with trends, new technologies, and scientific progress. Adjustment to the world does not necessarily have to imply passive and mindless following the crowd. Whether you want it or not, the modern world is full of opportunities, and these opportunities appear unexpectedly. It is worth being in the swim.

Another advantage is the variety of competences


Another advantage is the variety of competences, somewhat associated with the ability to adapt. Only a few years ago, a stable employee, who works in one company for many years, was desired. He or she functioned as the archetype of the reliability and loyalty. Today, the employers are not afraid of the so-called jumpers that is people working in different places for a relatively short time because they know that their flexibility and various experience help in finding oneself in the labour environment of the 21st century.

Another important element is the self-confidence. It is necessary to present oneself as a candidate for promotion favourably. Of course, conscientiousness in executing your work also counts but thanks to self-confidence you will be able to present your achievements better.

Do not forget about self-awareness

It is an advantage of great value. It is not only knowledge of their own advantages and disadvantages but also the ability to focus on the current moment. Nothing can compete with the mind fully engaged in a given task. The self-aware employee is simply an employee of the 21st century, independent, responsible, and enjoying life. Such a person is a treasure for every employer.

As you can see, it is not easy to be the perfect employee in the 21st century. It is hard to determine what is the most important advantage. However, if we were to choose from the aforementioned ones, we would bet on abilities to adapt. In the various, changing world, in which we have to live, this is the most needed characteristic.


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