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Oracle Golden Gate Administrator (RWE/11/17)

Oracle Golden Gate Administrator (RWE/11/17)

We are looking for Oracle Golden Gate Administrator for our Client that specializes in:

  • Modeling, automating and optimizing business processes using IT solutions.
  • Business and system analysis.
  • Designing and implementing IT solutions.
  • Processing, security and data integration.
  • Use of specialized and innovative technologies (speech recognition) in the implementation of business processes.
  • Consulting and training.

Job description: 

  • Participation in the design and creation of data processing processes and supporting the development teams in their implementation.
  • Participation in the implementation of Oracle Data Integration Services tools: Oracle Golden Gate
  • Participation in the business and system analysis process and actively supporting development teams.

Our ideal Employee has:

  • Knowledge of issues related to relational database replication.
  • Experience in Oracle Golden Gate technology and is familiar with PL/SQL language.
  • Analytical skills and knowledge of Linux.
  • A good command of English that allows for easy communication and work with documentation.

Oracle certification is a plus

We Offer:

  • Continuous work based on clear and flexible principles.
  • Very attractive salary, adequate to experience and commitment.
  • Collaboration with outstanding experts and the opportunity to participate in interesting projects.
  • Participating in certified training and systematically gaining expertise in ORACLE tools for data replication.
  • Necessary tools for work (telephone, laptop).

Please send your CVs to: recruitment.it@weegree.com

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