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We invite you to the Festival Opolskie Lamy

Weegree has joined the group of Opolskie companies sponsoring the Festival Opolskie LAMY Film.

It is a competition of etude films made by students and graduates of film schools as well as a competition of amateur films.
The Opolskie film holiday will take place between 10 and 11 October, 2014. During the competition, the Jury of the 12th Opolskie Lamy Film Festival will select the best short feature films from the years 2013/2014.

As part of this year’s edition of the Festival, the organisers decided to distinguish three competition categories in the Etude Film Competition, namely Animation, Fiction and Documentary.

This will allow to create equal chances in the fight for the main prize, whereas the Festival JURY will not have to choose between the genres, and will be able to focus more on the qualities of the films entered for the competition. The following persons have been asked to seat in the JURY of the Etude Film Competiton: Jacek Bławut, Piotr Dumała and Leszek Dawid.


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