Sheet metal worker/car painter (CPIR/01/23) (HH/I/250)

Clermont, Belgium
takeoff: 2025-09-05

Job Description:

  • Working in a body shop.
  • Dismantling, assembling, straightening and reassembling auto body components.
  • Preparing surfaces for painting, including sanding, masking and filling cavities.
  • Vehicle painting
  • Replacement of welded body parts (rear fenders, control arm panels, etc.).
  • Finishing work (polishing vehicle parts with a machine).

What we offer:

  • Rate of pay: €15 net/hour
  • Guarantee of stable operation.
  • Timely payment of wages by the 10th of each month.
  • Possibility of collecting advance payments for the first month of employment.
  • Accommodation organized and paid for by us.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses up to €100, after working 168h.
  • Food vouchers for use in Polish stores.
  • Work tools and protective clothing.
  • Free transportation to work – depreciation allowance for the use of your own car on a mileage basis.
  • Comprehensive pre-trip service.
  • Remote supervision by a coordinator throughout the project.

What we expect:

  • Experience in working on the above. position.
  • Knowledge of one of the following languages: French, German, English.
  • Accuracy and conscientiousness in carrying out the assigned work.

When you are hired by Weegree, you are contributing to the restoration of forests – we will plant a tree on your behalf.

Still hesitating ? We will answer all your questions

  • Phone contact: +48 735 955 643
  • Deciding to work with our company, you get a guarantee of stability and continuity of employment. We always work with companies that guarantee long-term projects. If you want to change jobs, we will help you find another employer that is right for you.
Additional information:
  • number of positions sought: 2
Clermont, Belgium

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