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We believe that in order to change the world, we ourselves must become the change.

Bold decisions and innovative strategies push the world forward, so we focus on continuous improvement. We are aware that progress would be impossible without people who are independent or think outside the box, and this is reflected in our company policy, starting with our logotype: Weegree – We agree. We combine innovation with the experience we have gained, which we consider to be the basis for achieving higher levels of development.

Contact us if you share our beliefs and passions and are committed to quality in your work. We agree.

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Weegree One robots

Future is now. We agree.

We provide sales and short-term and long-term rental of robots. We offer humanoid, delivery and educational robots.

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A slogan urging cooperation and telling what will happen when the user clicks "get in touch"
We are a company specializing in outsourcing and HR consulting.
We rely on modern technologies to streamline recruitment processes
We have been on the market for more than 19 years.
We employ more than 3,500 workers annually.

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