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We are a company specialising in outsourcing and HR consulting.
We rely on modern technologies improving recruitment processes.
We have existed on the market for over 12 years.
We employ over 950 employees.

About Weegree

We believe that we have to change ourselves to change the world. Brave decisions and innovative strategies contribute to our progress. That is the reason why we rely on lifelong learning. We are aware that any progress would be impossible without independent people who are capable of original thinking, which is reflected in the policy adopted in our company – starting from the logotype: Weegree – We agree. We combine innovation with the acquired experience which we perceive as the basis for achieving higher levels of development.

In Weegree we advise, create and manage. We deal with outsourcing, which means we can assume tasks requiring contribution of qualified personnel. Therefore, you can take the long view and concentrate on the most vital targets of your company, expanding activity and improving the quality of services.

Bearing in mind the success of our clients, we invest in comprehensive solutions to be offered in the form of technologic tools.

Contact us if you share our convictions and passions and aim at quality in your work. We agree.

Our team. Get to know us.
Grzegorz Chief Executive Officer
Tomasz Chief Operating Officer
International Department
Jarek Chief International Officer
Agata Senior Recruitment Officer
Łukasz Senior Sales Officer
Agata Sales Officer
Aleksandra Sales Officer
Dawid Sales Officer
Maciej Operations Officer
Krzysztof Operations Officer
Katarzyna Recruitment Officer
Katarzyna Recruitment Officer
Agnieszka Recruitment Officer
Dominika Recruitment Officer
Julia Recruitment Officer
Bernadeta Personel Officer
Justyna Junior Personel Officer
Opole Department
Janusz Chief Commercial Officer
Mariusz Sales Officer
Justyna Sales Officer
Mykola Operations Officer
Ewa Recruitment Officer
Agnieszka Junior Recruitment Officer
Viktor Junior Operations Officer
Władysław Junior Operations Officer
Roman Junior Operations Officer
Beata Personel Officer
Mirela Personel Officer
Julia Junior Personnel Officer
Oliwia Junior Personel Officer
Chorzów Department
Kinga Recruitment Officer
Aleksandra Junior Recruitment Officer
Katarzyna Junior Sales Officer
Serhii Junior Operations Officer
Magdalena Personel Officer
Ewa Personel Officer
Recruitment Department
Oleksandra Senior Recruitment Officer
Marta Junior Operations Officer
Sofiia Junior Recruitment Officer
Viktoriia Junior Recruitment Officer
Project Weegree House
Łukasz Chief Weegree House Officer
Sławomir Research Manager
Mariusz Construction Specialist
Roman Measurement Expert
Łukasz Technical Officer
Ryszard Technical Officer
Bohdan Technical Officer
Dariusz Technical Officer
Eduard Technical Officer
Ryszard Technical Officer
Jaromir Real Estate Officer
Mariusz Junior Real Estate Officer
Project Weegree One
Przemysław Chief Technology Officer
Łukasz Chief Robotics Officer
Ryszard Humanoid Robot Developer
Arkadiusz Humanoid Robot Developer
Michał Humanoid Robot Developer
Mykola Senior IT Officer
Bartosz IT Officer
Oleksandr Humanoid Robot Developer
Filip IT Officer
Bartosz IT Officer
Sylwia IT Officer
Wojciech IT Officer
Dmytro IT Officer
Krzysztof IT Officer
Mikołaj Junior IT Officer
Adam Junior IT Officer
Jakub Junior Robotics Officer
Michal Junior Robotics Developer
Szymon Sales Officer
IT Department
Jacek Senior PreSales Officer
Feliksa PreSales Officer
Jarosław PreSales Officer
Emilia Junior PreSales Officer
PreSales Department
Krzysztof Senior Administration Officer
Krzysztof Administration Officer
Monika Administration Officer
Yuqing Administration Officer
Mateusz IT Officer
Jan Technical Officer
Piotr Therapist Officer
Julia Junior Personel Officer
Administration Department
Robert Senior Marketing Officer
Michał Marketing Officer
Olaf Marketing Officer
Marketing Department
Piotr Senior Finances Officer
Dawid Finances Officer
Agnieszka Finances Officer
Radosław Finances Officer
Żaneta Junior Finances Officer
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