fbpx Weegree – dostarczanie specjalistów to nasza specjalność


Our speciality is delivering specialists

We specialize in the outsourcing of projects which plays a superior role in our activity. Current trends on the market indicate that a client can adjust more finely to the fluctuations of economic conditions through delegating some part of tasks (requiring engaging qualified human resources) to an external company. Thanks to our specialists, clients maintain the continuity of the production which was carried out hitherto – irrespective of seasonal appearance of projects or lack of human resources.

It is we who employ specialists – thus, we hold liable for formal issues arising from the provisions of law. What is more, we guarantee comprehensive service of logistic operations, providing materials, work tools, accommodation of employees and equipping them with work clothes.

We ensure the following benefits for the enterprises which decide to make use of our services:

  • reducing operational costs
  • punctuality of projects
  • safety: insurance for employed persons, compliance with the UE directives, observance of procedures and specialist regulations
  • without a burden connected with improving qualifications of employees

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