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How to deal with the employee’s market?

The year of 2016 ended with unemployment within 8.2 percent, and it is the lowest average for many years. Everything suggests that in 2017, this value will remain at a similar level. Therefore, the transformation of the employer’s market to the employee’s market is approaching. What does such a transformation mean? How should the employers react to the employees’ changing needs?

What is the employees market?
The employee’s market is a concept, which will be very important for entrepreneurs in the coming period. This is a situation in which employers have a huge problem with finding qualified employees. The potential employees do not react to a simple slogan, that is work available now. They analyse numerous job offers for their increasingly higher requirements. Therefore, the entrepreneur must increase the efforts to acquire an employee with the desired qualifications. It may be also a problem to retain the already employed personnel in the company. Especially, it relates to young people who are increasingly likely to change their job. Where does this trend come from?

Surprisingly, the low unemployment level may be an important factor. The number of job offers exceeds the number of interested people. Moreover, the easily available work in Belgium or other countries does not remain irrelevant. Many people still decide to emigrate.

The requirements of candidates for a given position also have a major impact on such a state in the market. They look for employment within the area of their residence and expect additional benefits beyond the salary. In some industries, a desire to have an office with good equipment is also important. The atmosphere in the company and a manner of its management are also crucial for a new group of employees.

Therefore, it is possible to risk a statement that the times, when the stable employment, good salaries, and a company car, were forgotten so far. However, there are some methods to prevent the employers from high turnover in the company.

Employee acquisition and retention

 What measures can be undertaken by the employer in order not to make the employees tempted to work abroad or take advantage of the competition offer? How is it possible to acquire specialists with the required skills?

This can be achieved in a number of ways. The first of them is the organisation culture, in other words, a way of managing the company. The employees want to have an impact on the organisation of work. They like to feel that their opinion is important for managers. Therefore, it is important to respect their opinion and introduce some of the proposed changes. Then, they will demonstrate even greater initiative. However, it does not mean the conduct of business on the basis of concessions. The management of employees should be required from a real leader who will connect the entire team.

The friendly atmosphere at work, which is free from destructive competition, is also crucial. The implementation of agreed objectives is important, but without the employer’s discouraging pressure.

The rewarding of employees, in accordance with the principle of gamification, is also an interesting solution. This system is increasingly used by corporations. Its key part includes strictly specified tasks. After their implementation, the prizes, which should be adequate to the effort put in their performance, are awarded. In such a situation, the employees will strive for the best results and the work will bring them real joy.

Flexible employer

The employee market forces the entrepreneurs to use new solutions in order to acquire and retain employees. The offered good salaries are not always sufficient. It is very important to create a friendly work environment. The qualified personnel can be also attracted by offering additional perks, such as free health care, professional training or free meals. An interesting solution is to allow the employees to carry out some tasks in a remote form.

The flexible employees will much better cope in the upcoming employee market. This is a kind of employer that our company tries to be. Get to know us better and see what measures allow us to acquire the best specialists in each field.

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