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How to prepare for a job interview?

Regardless of whether you apply for a post of a production employee or a director of the sales department, you have a unique chance to make a good first impression.

Remember: the job interview is a kind of art; learning it requires a little time and effort. It is up to you whether you will draw conclusions from failures and go further or you will stay in your comfort zone. We believe that good preparation is the key to success. In this text, you will find out what this “good preparation” exactly means and why it is worth spending time for it.

What you need to remember?

  1. Make a list of questions related to the industry, in which you want to work. You can be a beginner programmer but profound knowledge of the industry glossary proves to be indispensable. If you have a small or even no experience in work on the position, for which you are applying, you should carefully consider how to convince the recruiter that you know what this work will involve. There are many professions, in which your motivation to learn is more important than the actual skills.
  2. Use of examples. It is not enough that you are sure that you can do something. You must be able to prove to the recruiter that this is the case. The most effective tool to achieve this objective is an example. Think about your professional path for a moment. We are sure that you are able to remember a lot of situations, in which you succeeded.
  1. Self-esteem. Remember: the first person, who must consider you a serious candidate for a given position is you. Faith in yourself does not necessarily have to immediately result in a desired position but if you leave the place of recruitment with the feeling that you have done your best and have shown your best side – you are the winner.
  2. Talking about your strengths. It is surprising that even the very gifted people do not do well during job interviews because of the lack of talking about their strengths. It is not enough to say that you are a creative/hard-working/loyal person – it is at least pretentious. As in the case of skills related to the industry, your strengths must be backed up by examples. Tell about how you solved the problem with a forever grumbling colleague by bringing how his or her attitude affects the rest of the team to him or her attention and what kind of advice you gave him or her to affect his or her change. Such a story is always better than boasting about “interpersonal skills.”
  3. Calmness and poise. You can trust us, every subsequent job interview will be easier, and your self-presentation skills will grow exponentially if only you learn to freely to juggle stories from your life and to keep calm during the interview.
  1. Avoid self-criticism. You will understand by yourself that instead of saying: I have a problem with the work organisation, it is better to say: I am trying to improve the ability of time management and organisation; to do this, I read Brian Tracy’s book. If you have to say something about disadvantages and weaknesses, always remember to mention how you try to counteract them.
  2. Job interview gives you the opportunity to better understand your own expectations of the job. This is invaluable. By specifying your requirements first, you will avoid a situation, in which you agree to a proposal that de facto you are not interested in. Never rest on your laurels, never agree to work in conditions that you do not like. Search further, build your self-presentation skills and try to acquire new competencies.
  3. And finally: you will learn how to talk about money. As the best coaches in Poland say – the money is Poles’ taboo subject. A job interview is a great way to overcome our inherent cultural determinants.

These tips will definitely help you!

We hope that we were able to convince you that a job interview is not an unpleasant necessity but a great opportunity to test yourself and yourself skills. In addition, the correct preparation will produce an effect regardless of whether you manage to get a job of your dreams or not because the self-presentation is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. Now, when you already have the necessary theoretical knowledge, we encourage you to test it in practice. See out current job offers and let’s meet in a job interview in Weegree!


How to prepare for a job interview?

A job interview is the first door to professional career.
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